Infidel, Inc.

Context and Community for Information Security

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Infidel, Inc.

Community and Context for Information Security Professionals

An island of clue in a sea of confusion.

Infidel (in' – fi – del)


  • One who doubts or rejects a particular doctrine, system or principle.
  • A free thinker.
  • A consultancy bringing a coherent vision to the ecology of network security and risk management that brings order and manageability to the role of Chief Security Officer.
  • Thought leadership freed from the constraints of traditional wisdoms and informed by a deep understanding of the relationship between vendors, users and the information being protected.

At Infidel, we offer:

  • Strategic consulting services to entrepreneurs, investors and enterprises interested in the next generation of security tools, systems, architectures and services.
  • Consulting services to enterprise CISOs looking to move to a higher ground and develop a strategic point of view congruent with the future of business risk.
  • Security solution provider companies with deep market insight, introductions and other support to lead them to success in both product and business development contexts.